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The other day someone asked me if I had any pregnancy cravings or aversions and if my husband already had to go out for specific foods in the middle of the night. Well, honestly, I haven’t.

I explained that it must have to do with the balanced diet I try to follow, which includes many fruits, vegetables, legumes, calcium and protein. This diet, I thought, gives my body and baby everything it needs, so there is no need for cravings. But is that really so?

After some research though it seems my homemade cravings theory is not scientifically proven nor are pregnancy cravings in general scientifically explained. There are some theories that claim that the hormone levels of pregnant women change so much that they develop an aversion of or craving for certain foods. Other theories claim it is mostly psychological, and could be managed by balancing your emotions and/or having a supportive, loving environment of husband, family and friends.

And there are nutritionists and healthcare practitioners that share my opinion. Certain cravings would imply a nutrition the body needs and certain aversions are natures way of protecting the baby (think of coffee or red meat). I remember a friend of mine, who craved fatty foods right at the time her baby started to develop her fat tissue. Or women who have milk and cheese cravings at the time the baby’s bones are developing. But then again, science is not backing us up on this one.

So it basically comes down to how you feel. Your craving could just be one of these reasons or a combination of all. In my humble opinion, listening to your body is the best way to deal with your cravings. There is of course no reason not to give in to healthy cravings like veggies, nuts or fruits, just be careful with the unhealthy ones. And a happy, supportive home is healthy and good for everyone just like a balanced mind, so some daily yoga and talking about your feelings and emotions will certainly help as well.

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